Before Anesthesia

Pre Surgery Instructions

Below is a list of pre-sedation instructions that you will need to follow before your appointment.

  1. BRUSH YOUR TEETH VERY THOROUGHLY the morning of your appointment. Remember not to swallow any of the water!
  2. DO NOT eat or drink anything 8 hours before your scheduled appointment.
  3. You must plan to have a responsible adult drive you to and from your appointment. Please plan to have someone stay with you to monitor you throughout the day of your surgery.
  4. Please dress in loose clothing with access to your arms.

As you are recovering from your procedure please plan for the following things.

  1. Sleep with your head slightly elevated.
  2. Have soft foods on hand. (ice creams, yogurts, broth and soups are examples of soft foods)
  3. Have plenty of ice packs available. Bags of frozen peas seem to work the best and they are easy to conform to your face and jaw.

Pre-Surgery Instructions Form