After Dental Implant Surgery

Additional instructions apply for any implant or bone/soft tissue grafting procedures. Frequently, the stitches for these procedures and NOT dissolvable. We need additional time for the wound to heal to protect the underlying implant or graft. The stitches will need to remain in wound for up to four weeks. During this period:

  • PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE WOUND AND SUTURES. It will be a natural tendency for your tongue to touch and play with the sutures. This will cause early wound breakdown and exposure of the implant or graft, resulting in a higher failure rate.
  • Keep all chewing limited to the opposite side or no non-operated areas of the mouth.
  • Do not brush over the fresh would for at least two weeks. Following the second day, gentle rinsing is allowed but not too vigorously.
  • As the swelling subsides, it might feel like the stitches are loosening up. Please do NOT cut them.
  • Partial dentures or flippers should not be used immediately after surgery until your post-operative appointment unless specifically instructed otherwise. Even when worn, they should be utilized as little as possible during the first two weeks of the healing period. When it is placed it should not touch the gums in the area of the surgery. If it does, this can cause ulceration of the wound edges and breakdown of the suture margins. This can lead to failure of the graft or implant. When you are at home, please take them out.
  • Depending on the site and bone quality, your doctor sometimes attaches a temporary tooth to the implant. This tooth is for esthetics only and should NOT be used for chewing or function until the implant is fully healed, about three months.